Pouring Leadership Into Coaches Who Pour Into Kids

Coaches Leadership Network

Any Coach. Any Sport. Any Level.

Every day in sports, incredible moments are happening that will never make the highlight reel or stat sheet – coaches teaching their players life lessons that go beyond the court or field and into life itself. Coaching is a unique opportunity to impact lives and instill character. The question is, who is there to coach the coaches – to give them the support they need to make the most of this opportunity? The Coaches Leadership Network was formed to pour leadership into the coaches who pour into kids. In conjunction with the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center, we are building a winning team of coaches and community leaders to stand together and support each other. Think of it as developing a game plan to help the next generation achieve victory in life. We look forward to having you on the team.

The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center

The Coaches Leadership Network is an extension of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center. Founded by 12Stone Church, the Maxwell Center honors the life and impact of John Maxwell’s global and generational leadership legacy. Personifying the phrase, “Leadership is influence,” John lives out this core belief that influence begins with one — one person adding value, one person casting vision, one person making a lasting difference. And that one becomes many.